Sports massage is commonly used by athletes to assist with the following aspects of training and competition:

  • Assisting with the mental preparation for sporting participation
  • Assisting in the training and conditioning phases
  • Assists in the preparation and recovery from competition
  • Helps to prevent injury and aid recovery from training sessions
  • Assists in the removal of metabolic waste products
  • Assists in increasing/decreasing muscle tone and length

Please note, this list is non-exhaustive, if you have a query, please contact me to discuss what massage could do to assist you.

A full consultation will be taken, including a medical history, and full body assessment prior to any treatment.  This will involve dis-robing to underwear or similar swimwear (swim shorts/bikini).

After discussing the nature of your sport and related issues, treatment will be agreed and commenced.

Subsequent visits and any self-help recommendations may be required dependent on your event timetable; these will be discussed with you at this time.